Arrested for DUI?


During a traffic stop, law enforcement will arrest anyone whom they even slightly suspect to have alcohol in their system under what they term as “ZERO TOLERANCE”. However, an arrest does not always have to result in a conviction for DUI.

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Did the Officer keep your license?

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You may be facing an Administrative License Suspension by the Department of Driver Services because of your DUI arrest.  You have only 30 days to request an hearing OR to apply for an Interlock Device Limited Permit to save your license. You must act NOW to save your driving privileges.

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  • Will my license be suspended?

    You have only 10 days to request an appeal of your license suspension with the Department of Driver Services. An experienced DUI attorney can help in keeping your license valid until you resolve your court case.

  • Am I facing jail time?

    DUI have mandatory minimum jail time. However, an experience DUI attorney may get the jail time suspended or eliminated.

  • Should I hire an attorney?

    Absolutely! The prosecutor’s job is to convict you of the charges. And they are good at what they do. You need an experienced DUI attorney to help you get the best outcome in your case – up to and including a dismissal and/or reduction in charges.

  • I blew. Now what happens?

    An experienced DUI attorney will investigate to see whether proper procedures were followed or if there is enough evidence to convict you of DUI. If there are holes in your case your attorney may exploit them to your advantage.

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